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HSSE – Health, Safety, Security & Environment

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Shell MRPL Aviation follows best in class operating standards of HSSE across its value chain. Some of the practices which ensures safe transportation of Jet fuel are:

  • Safety audit of transporters carried out as per Shell international standards – 4 pillar audits where Driver management, vehicle management, Journey management and HSSE management audits are carried out for ensuring safety during fuel transportation.
  • Transportation is monitored and controlled by state of art GPS system, where any safety violations (Speed, Journey management, harsh braking, driver fatigue control are monitored on line)
  • Night driving is not permitted and drivers mandatorily takes rest after 4 hrs of continuous driving. These are also monitored by GPS system.
  • Regular safety meeting carried out involving all stakeholders i.e. SMA staff, contractors, drivers etc. to incorporate, improve and inculcate safety behaviours
  • Regular emergency response drills carried out to ensure timely and correct action in case of emergency
  • Emergency Response Plan is revised in line with PNGRB guidelines and submitted to statutes after approval of SMA board
  • Regular trainings, Tool box meeting, safety briefings, LFI (learning from incidents) are carried out to maintain and enhance safety / quality performance
  • Near miss and Potential Incident reporting are encouraged for process improvements.

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